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Getting started on Vedafil® begins with talking to your doctor or pharmacist about your ED symptoms.
Although you may be concerned, there is no need to be embarrassed. Remember ED is a common disorder and can be a symptom of other issues that may be occurring in your daily life.

Your local healthcare professional has had this discussion with many of their male patients, and are familiar with the possible causes and underlying health issues connected with ED. They will advise you on whether Vedafil® is the right treatment option for you.

If Vedafil® is right for you, it can be supplied after consultation with your GP or pharmacist. You also have the option of obtaining a repeat supply of Vedafil® directly from a pharmacist who has completed training to prescribe Vedafil®, without the need for a doctors prescription.
You can also take advantage of our Connect Rewards programme to help save you money.

Connect with confidence – take the first step and talk to your healthcare professional today.


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